High Converting Sales Copy

The Secret to Improving Conversions, Leads, and Profits

Like most clients I talk to, writing about themselves is about as grueling as going to the dentist. Whether it is their LinkedIn profile, website copy, one sheet, etc.,

No one WANTS to do it alone.

Even though they desperately need to revamp content AND improve conversion/sales.

Why is that?

We tend to get too emotionally attached to our business/brand, so our ability to effectively enhance our messaging is reduced. This makes the process filled with resistance, self-doubt, and never knowing when enough is enough.

BUT, when you have an expert on your team that has mastered social dynamics, the psychology of sales, and how to influence buying patterns…

The creation of high-converting content is simplified and generates impressive results.


Book a Creative Session With Lisa

Book 60 minutes with Lisa and receive brutally honest feedback on your content.                

I get to the core of why you might feel stuck and are NOT producing the results you desire.

You will receive:


► Innovative ways to immediately differentiate yourself from your competition

► Psychology-driven sales copy suggestions to captivate your target audience

► Powerful branding strategies to position you as a leader in your industry

► How to add value to your message and attract high-value customers


It’s time to invest in YOU. 

Success Metrics from Lisa's Clients

✓ International Speaking Gig Landed: A six-figure keynote speaker, best-selling author and TEDx speaker landed a $15,000 international speaking gig and increased her income by 25% after having her sales materials and website content rewritten by Lisa.
✓ Dramatic Revenue & Increased Bookings: A global coach and consultant landed over $100,000 in new revenue (contractsinternational business workshops, speaking gigs), six new executive clients, and two joint ventures after launching Lisa’s innovative brand strategy and website content revamp.
✓ Outstanding Conversions: A leader in speaker management and online business growth generated an impressive 84% conversion rate after applying Lisa’s sales content strategy and revamp.
✓ Increased Yearly Revenues: A best-selling author, speaker, and business mentor had Lisa redefine and maximize her brand value, core messaging, and sales content resulting in increased yearly revenues of 60% on a previously very low-selling product.
✓ Improved Product & Service Upsell: A best-selling author and international speaker is successfully selling her $2,500 service for $10,000 after having Lisa rebrand and rewrite her existing website and landing pages.
✓ Significant Profit Increase: An international speaker and consultant increased her profits by 25% after having Lisa rewrite her website content, executive coaching services, and product descriptions.

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